Recycling soap for distribution to vulnerable communities to improve hygiene and save lives

One soap bar can save lives

A simple solution.

Over one and a half million children under the age of five die each year due to poor sanitation. These deaths can be prevented.

Soap is vital to improve the sanitation in developing communities. Hand washing with soap can reduce the number of cases of diarrhoea alone by over forty percent. Handwashing with soap is a simple, effective way to improve quality of life and save lives, impacting whole communities.

Saves lives by giving soap a second life

A second life.

Every day, hotels worldwide throw away five million bars of waste soap, in most cases only after one use. This waste soap ends up in landfill.

Beyond Skin Deep has been set up with a single purpose: To recycle soap for distribution to vulnerable communities, improving hygiene and saving lives.

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Change lives.

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ReThink, ReCycle, ReEducate

The process.

Implementing the program is easier than you think. The first step is to save all your waste soap, reusing boxes that the soap arrived in. These are collected by Beyond Skin Deep and delivered to our recycling facility in New Zealand.
Specialist equipment cleans the waste soap, crushes it and filters it. Next the machine extrudes, stamps and moulds fresh bars. The process ensures the recycled soap is as hygienic as a new bar and results in zero waste.
Rapid Relief Team (RRT)

Our supporters.

Distribution happens through Rapid Relief Team, a global charitable organisation in North and South America, Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe.
They take our soap to communities where it is most needed. Because of their ability to connect with these local communities, they can distribute the soap and educate the people effectively.
The operations of Beyond Skin Deep are administered and coordinated by The Starline Group Ltd; a primary supply partner and trusted advisor to the Hospitality Industry in New Zealand.