Turning plastic bathroom amenity waste into premium fencing products that perform better, for longer

More than 50 million plastic bottles are thrown away by hotels globally every day.

More than 2 million metric tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year.

Bathroom amenities plastic accounts for nearly half of the waste a hotel guest generates.

Millions of plastic toiletries from the accommodation industry are thrown away every year adding to landfill.


The hospitality industry discards millions of plastic toiletry tubes and bottles every year. This plastic one way or another, finishes up in our environment, polluting our waterways, soils and haring wildlife.

The collection of plastic toiletry tubes and bottles can prevent tonnes of plastic ending up in landfill.


By recycling toiletries, we not only reduce landfill waste, we give it a second life. Providing our farms and wineries with plastic fence posts.
First, we collect all discarded plastic toiletries from hotels. A specialist facility then filters and shreds the plastic before it is melted, extruded and refined to create a better performing longer lasting fence post that’s better for the environment.

There is no good reason for your plastics to go to landfill and increase the earths pollution.


Alongside FuturePost we collect and recycle plastic toiletries converting them into fence posts for distribution to our farms and wineries providing them with an ingenious solution that is not only better performing but better for the environment.

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