Recycling amenities plastic into premium fencing products for our farms and wineries

From waste to fence post

A simple solution.

Millions of plastic toiletry tubes and bottles every day are thrown away adding to landfill.

Recycling your plastic not only provides our farms and wineries with better performing fenceposts, it minimises earths pollution and provides premium farming products that are better for the environment.

Stronger, sustainable fencepost

A second life.

A stronger and environmentally friendly fencepost. Jerome Wenslick, founder of FuturePost, created an ingenious solution for a challenging problem.

He found his wooden fenceposts were breaking as he tried ramming them through all the waste plastic in the ground. With a passion for the environment he now turns waste plastic into premium farming products for our farms and wineries. .

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The process.

Implementing the program is easier than you think. The first step is to save all your waste amenity bottles and tube, reusing boxes that they have arrived in.


They are collected by Beyond Skin Deep and delivered to our recycling facility in New Zealand where the excess liquid is extracted from the bottles and tubes. The plastic waste is ground and flaked into a consistent form ready for processing by FuturePost. The plastic blends are UV stabilised and extruded into posts via our proprietary manufacturing process. The finished posts are QA tested and packaged in our cool crate system, ready for delivery.

Our supporters.

Futurepost take the waste plastic and turn it into better performing, longer lasting fenceposts that are also better for the environment. The plastic fenceposts are used on our farms and our wineries.